Photo Gallery 照片畫廊

Chinese new year Fete 中國新年遊藝會
Dance group with the Mayor
K2A Cantonese Class Performance廣東話K2A班朗讀表演「小貓在樹上叫」
Recital Performance朗讀表演
校董 、老師 及義工合照 Picture of Governors,Teachers & Volunteers
 Picture of Governors,Teachers & Volunteers 校董 、老師 及義工合照
Dance Performance(舞蹈組表演
Dance Performance 舞蹈表演
ribbon dance 2
Chinese Ribbon Dance 彩帶舞
fan dance
Kung Fu Performance 功夫表演
pink dance
Traditional Chinese Dance 中國舞
anniversary small 1
25th Anniversary Dinner 25週年晚宴
classroom pics 1
Classroom Picture 老師和學生

2013/14 A2 Class  A2高級班

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