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chinese wordsThe Birmingham Chinese School is the leading Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua) language school for school age children serving the city of Birmingham and surrounding areas.The BCS is a registered charity and is a non-profit-making, non-political and non-religious organisation. It makes full use of theJoseph Chamberlain College in the heart of the city on Saturdays and currently have around 230 pupils.





本校現定於四月二十六日舉辦籌款聯歡晚宴。現誠邀各同學及家人一同參與,希望學生及家長能支持籌款晚宴。如意參與的同學及其家人, 請以支票或現金連同回條交予校長。詳細資料如下:

日期及時間:   二零一六年四月二十六日, 晚上七時入席

晚宴地點  :    中英花園

費用      :    每位三十英鎊(大小同價)

Our School is having a Fund Raising Dinner on Tuesday 26th April 2016.  I would like to invite you and your family to attend.  It would be our pleasure to have your support.  Please return by reply slip with cash or cheque to Head Teacher.  Details of the dinner are as below:

Date and Time:     26th April 2016, Tuesday at 7:00pm

Venue                   :    Chung Ying Garden

Fee                       :    £30 per person

Reply Slip

Student Name_________________  Class ________________  _______Seat(s)

Total Amount£_________________________(Cheque numbers)

Receipt No._____________

* Cheque payable to “ Birmingham Chinese School”


Chinese New Year Fete

game 1 game 2 game 3 kungfu 1 kungfu 2dance 1



This year our Chinese New Year Fete was a great success. We would like to thank all the volunteers, parents and students who came and donated, and all the sponsors that supported us in making the event such a fantastic day. We will continue to do our best and hope to see you next year.


Chinese Proficiency Test Class (Hanban) 汉办汉语考试班

From September 2015, we are introducing new adult Chinese Proficiency Test Class(Hanban) and please refer to attached posters for further information.



Chinese Proficiency Test Poster 2015

School Poster