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chinese wordsThe Birmingham Chinese School is the leading Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua) language school for school age children serving the city of Birmingham and surrounding areas.The BCS is a registered charity and is a non-profit-making, non-political and non-religious organisation. It makes full use of theJoseph Chamberlain College in the heart of the city on Saturdays and currently have around 230 pupils.

Chinese New Year Fete 13/2/2016


日期: 二零一六年二月十三日(星期六)

時間: 中午十二時至下午二時

地點: Joseph Chamberlain College飯堂

節目: 攤位遊戲、幸運抽獎、特色美食、中國舞及武術表演等


日期: 二零一六年二月十三日(星期六)

时间: 中午十二时至下午二时

地点: Joseph Chamberlain College饭堂

节目: 摊位游戏、幸运抽奖、特色美食、中国舞及武术表演等

The Birmingham Chinese School is once again hosting its annual Chinese New Year Fete on Saturday, 13th February 2016 at the Joseph Chamberlain College. We invite you and your child/children to attend the Fete, of which the details are as below.

Date:  13th February 2016, Saturday

Time:  12noon – 2pm

Venue: Joseph Chamberlain College canteen

Program: games stalls, lucky draw, Chinese food, Chinese dance and Martial Arts


Chinese Proficiency Test Class (Hanban) 汉办汉语考试班

From September 2015, we are introducing new adult Chinese Proficiency Test Class(Hanban) and please refer to attached posters for further information.



Chinese Proficiency Test Poster 2015