Welcome to the Birmingham Chinese School

chinese wordsThe Birmingham Chinese School is the leading Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua) language school for school age children serving the city of Birmingham and surrounding areas.The BCS is a registered charity and is a non-profit-making, non-political and non-religious organisation. It makes full use of theJoseph Chamberlain College in the heart of the city on Saturdays and currently have around 230 pupils.

Chinese Proficiency Test Class (Hanban) 汉办汉语考试班

From September 2015, we are introducing new adult Chinese Proficiency Test Class(Hanban) and please refer to attached posters for further information.



Chinese Proficiency Test Poster 2015


由於JCC要求本校下星期六(十一月二十一日)暫停開放一週, 但開放時間改為十一月二十八日, 煩請各位家長請注意以上安排; 即下週不用上課, 但二十八日需要上課

Dear Parents,

JCC has informed us that they have decided to change the weekend schools closure day for this month; hence, there will be no class on next Saturday, 21/11, but Chinese School will operate as normal on 28/11/2015. 

由于JCC要求本校下星期六(十一月二十一日)暂停开放一周, 但开放时间改为十一月二十八日, 烦请各位家长请注意以上安排; 即下周不用上课, 但二十八日需要上课。