冬令营winter holiday camp

Dear parents, 

The UKAPCE (UK.Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education) will host an online winter camp for kids attending Chinese school. This is a chance to participate in Chinese culture activities during the Christmas holiday. There will be lessons/activities for children of all ages. All lessons will be taught by teachers from Jinnan University, China, and includes activities such as ‘Chinese dance’, ‘calligraphy’, ‘Chinese crafts’, ‘traditional drawing’, ‘singing to learn Chinese’, ‘fun daily Chinese language’ and more.

Date: 19th Dec. -31st Dec. (except 25th and 26th) 

Time: Daily 9am-12am 

Method: Zoom

Detailed lesson plans are yet to come. I am sure you will be able to pick and choose the lessons your child is interested in once the detailed plan comes out. As spaces are limited, we would like to ask you to register your interest as soon as you can. You can either reply to me or email our school’s coordinator Peggy. Her email is: jing.chen@birminghamchineseschool.org

Online lesson samples -Mandarin and Cantonese beginner level

廣東話班網課sample -一年級 (C1 梁老師-Mrs Leung)

Cantonese- Please click the below link and key in password to watch:

password: bcs1234


普通话班网课sample 1- 一年级王老师 (M1-Mrs Wang)

Mandarin -please click the below link and key in password to watch:

password: bcs12345


普通话班网课sample 2- 一年级-李老师 (M1-Mrs Li)

Mandarin -please click the below link and key in password to watch:



鑑於Joseph Chamberlain College 持續關閉,校董會決定繼續遙距教學,直至學期結束為止。新學年報名招生將於2020年9月19日及26日舉行
新冠病疫症 (COVI-D-19) 流行期間,我們能夠在網上提供高質素的教學,確保每個學生的進步對他們的新學年有所幫助,得到家長和老師的好評。同時,我們按照教育部的指示辦好GCSE和A Level班的學生評估,以確保他們在公開考試應達到的等級。為配合政府的抗疫措施,我們今年不打算舉行結業典禮,但會發布年終學業報告,並獎勵成績優異的學生。對每個人來說,新冠病疫症期間是一段艱難時期,校董會詳細考慮後,決定凍結學費,並減收重返學生的費用,新學年學費如下:


•AS / AL-所有學生£240。


•一月入學–非考試班 £150;考試班 £160;舞蹈班 £110。



鉴于Joseph Chamberlain College 持续关闭,校董会决定继续遥距教学,直至学期结束为止。新学年将于2020年10月3日开始。

在新冠病毒疫症 (COVI-D-19) 流行期间,我们能够在网上提供高质素的教学,确保每个学生的进步对他们的新学年有所帮助,得到家长和老师的好评。同时,我们按照教育部的指示办好GCSE和A Level班的学生评估,以确保他们在公开考试应达到的等级。为配合政府的抗疫措施,我们今年不打算举行结业典礼,但会发布年终学业报告,并奖励成绩优异的学生。对每个人来说,新冠病毒疫症期间是一段艰难时期,校董会详细考虑后,决定冻结学费,并减收重返学生的费用,新学年学费如下:



•AS / AL-所有学生£240。


•一月入学–非考试班 £150;考试班 £160;舞蹈班 £110。


School Notice and Update--31/05/2020

Due to the continuing closure of Joseph Chamberlain College, the Board of Governors has decided to continue teaching and learning remotely until the end of school term.   The new academic year will start on the 3rd October 2020.

During the COVID pandemic, we have been able to deliver quality teaching online with good feedback from parents and teachers alike, making sure that the progress each student made will benefit their learning when they return next year.  At the same, we followed Education Department’s instructions to complete GCSE and A Level class assessment, ensuring that students achieve the grade in the open examination that they truly deserve.

In line with the COVID public health policy, we are not planning to hold a speech day this year.  However, we will issue end of year school reports and award outstanding students in recognition of their excellent work.

We recognise that COVID is a hard time for everyone.  Having carefully considered its impact, we have decided to freeze the current school fees and reduce payment for the returning pupils.  The fee structure for the next academic year is set out below.

  • Non-exam class – £170 (returning students); if returning pupil is repeating the year, then £160 as no textbook will be provided; £205 (new students).
  • GCSE – £205 (returning students); £240 (new students)
  • AS/AL – £240 for all students.
  • Dance class – £110 (returning students); £160 for newcomers.
  • January in-take – £150 for non-exam class; £160 for exam class; £110 for dance class

We will continue to take care of education, health and well-being of all our students.  In the new school year, we will take effective measures to ensure the student’s health and safety.  We look forward to welcoming you back to school in September and take this opportunity to thank you for your support.



鑑於疫情仍然嚴峻,政府宣佈延長家居令三個星期,本校原定在復活節假期後開課,但由於政府加長居家令及停學指令尚未取消,本校必須跟從政府的指令繼續停學至 5 月 7 日,本校會繼續跟進政府的抗疫指令。如果政府再有新的指令或有復校的日期,本校會在網頁公佈。另外,校董會亦決定取消本學年的終期考試。
在停學期間,本校希望學生可以繼續學習中文,所以老師會在 4 月 25 日開始, 每星期用電郵方式發放一段視頻及功課給學生,學生可以在視頻跟隨老師學習中文,觀看視頻後,學生可以在家中做功課。學生完成功課後,請把功課紙以電郵或電話拍照的方法交給老師,老師檢查功課後會給予評分。
如果在此學期完結前,政府仍未取消居家令及停學指令,老師會以學生之前在課堂的表現,測驗,功課 (包括停學前及 4 月 25 日後的家課)及之前的考試作為計算此學年的總成績依據。

Due to the government’s announcement to extend the lockdown for a further three weeks, our school has decided to keep the school closed at least until 7th May 2020. We will continue to follow the government’s policies and keep you update about the re-opening date on our website. As a result of the school closure and the pupils’ safety, the Governor Board has decided to cancel the final term examination this year.
While the school is remaining closed, our school would like our students to continue learning Chinese.
From 25th April 2020 onward, our teachers will send a short video and homework once a week via email to the students. The teachers will demonstrate their lesson in a video, the students are required to finish the homework and return it to their teachers by email or picture using their mobile phones.
The teachers will mark the homework and give comments/marks accordingly.
If our school is unable to re-open during the remaining period of this term, our teachers will use the following materials as an assessment and predict the students’ final grades for this academic year: (i) class performance, (ii) previous test results (iii) homework (including the homework before school
closure and after 25th April 2020), and (iv) examinations which are taken during this academic year.
In order to comply with the government’s policy to control the spread of the virus, our school has been closed for several weeks. However, our school is determined to try our best and use our limited resources to provide learning materials to our students during this challenging time. We also
understand that parents have paid school fees at the beginning of this academic year with an expectation that their children can learn Chinese in a school environment. Unfortunately due to these special circumstances, the school must follow the government’s advice and close the school. Our
school appreciates your support and co-operation, in order to be fair to the parents, the governor board is considering one-off school fee reduction next academic year for the returning students. We will announce the details of the new school fees and new academic school year on our website in due

鑑于疫情仍然严峻,政府宣布延长家居令三个星期,本校原定在复活节假期後开课,但由于政府加长居家令及停学指令尚未取消,本校必须跟从政府的指令继续停学至 5 月 7 日,本校会继续跟进政府的抗疫指令。如果政府再有新的指令或有复校的日期,本校会在网页公布。另外,本校的校董会亦决定取消本学年的终期考试。
在停课期间,本校希望学生可以继续学习中文,所以老师会在 4 月 25 日開始每星期用电邮方式发放一段视频及功课给学生,学生可以在视频跟随老师学习中文,观看视频後,学生可以在家中做功课。学生完成功课後,请把功课纸以电邮或电话拍照的方法交给老师,老师检查功课後会给予评分。
如果在此学期完结前,政府仍未取消居家令及停学指令,老师会以学生之前在课堂的表现,测验,功课 (包括停学前及 4 月 25 日後的家课)及之前的考试作为计算此学年的总成绩依据。

緊急通告 Emergency Notice 13/03/2020

新型冠狀病毒 COVID-19 

鑑於新型冠狀病毒正在社區擴散,Joseph Chamberlain College (JCC) 通知本校因它們未能完全執行場地的防疫措施,確保所有人的安全,需要暫停星期六學校,體育中心及其他場地租用,直到復活節假期結束為止。因它們未能完全執行對新冠病毒的防疫措施,確保所有人的安全。 

我們於3月21日開始停課,暫定復課日期為4月25日,但須視乎到時情況而定。若JCC更新校舍開放日期,我們將以電郵通知家長 / 監護人,請通知老師更新閣下電郵通訊地址,並留意學校網站http://birminghamchineseschool.org/wp/ 的最新消息。不便之處,敬請見諒! 



鉴于新型冠状病毒正在社区扩散,Joseph Chamberlain College (JCC) 通知本校因它们未能完全执行场地的防疫措施,确保所有人的安全,需要暂停星期六学校,体育中心及其他场地租用,直到复活节假期结束为止。因它们未能完全执行场地的防疫措施,确保所有人的安全。 




In view of the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in the community, Joseph Chamberlain College (JCC) notified our school their decision to suspend Saturday schools, sports centre and other venues hire until the end of the Easter holiday as they cannot put sufficient controls in place for the COVID-19 prevention and ensure the safety of everyone in school. 

We will suspend classes from 21/03/2020 until 25/04/2020, the latter is subject to change. Should there be any new development or changes from JCC, we will inform parents / guardians by email. Please notify the teachers and keep your registered email address with the school up-to-date and refer to our school website http://birminghamchineseschool.org/wp/for the latest advice.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing. Please be vigilant and practise good hand and respiratory hygiene to help reduce the transmission of illness in the community. 

Thank you. 

Board of Governors