紧急通告 Emergency Notice

Emergency Notice : Novel Coronavirus Update 9/2/2020

Dear Parent,

Following a risk assessment of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic and discussion with teachers, the Board of Governors will implement special measures, to ensure the health and safety of our students while maintaining the smooth running of school. We hope such measures would help address and allay your concerns.

After careful consideration, we have decided to resume school on 15/02/2020.

The special precautionary measures are as follows:

1. “Self-isolation” remains in force.
If your child and/or yourself have travelled from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, then within 14 days of returning to the UK, please refrain from attending the School. If there is any symptom of cough, fever or breathing difficulties, then please consult a family doctor or inquire immediately 111. The same advice is given to our members of staff and volunteers.

2. To minimise the exposure and transmission of illness, only students and staff are allowed to enter the School. Please arrive at school on time and drop off your children at the Barrier of JCC Reception. Latecomers will be collected by a member of staff at the Barrier and taken up to their classes. Children will be dismissed at the Reception at the end of school.

3. The School will provide hand sanitizer for use during school hours, please follow the instructions of the staff members.

4. We recommend each child to bring a pack of paper tissues for their own use.

5. If your child becomes unwell at school, we will immediately contact you as per our current practice. A designated isolation classroom is set up for emergency use if required.

6. We encourage our children to practise good hand and respiratory hygiene at school and will reinforce the message during classes. Please refer to the following weblinks for further information:

7. Due to the suspension of school on 08/02/2020, Parents’ Day was cancelled for which we offer our apologies. Your child’s teacher will have already sent you their report and will contact you individually to discuss your child’s progress.

8. As the situation is constantly evolving, we respectfully ask that you will provide the School Headteacher with an up-to-date email address and refer to our school website for the latest advice.
Email correspondence remains the official means of communication between our school and you. Our teachers may use other additional methods of communication as they see fit.

The School will continue to monitor the situation and will inform you if there is any significant change.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Brian Lee
On behalf of the Board of Governors
Birmingham Chinese School

新型冠狀病毒 緊急通告 9/2/2020

本校校董會對新型冠狀病毒疫情作出風險評估及與教師商討後,現增設以下特別防疫措施,以保障學生健康安全,並維持課程進度 。同時亦希望能舒緩各家長對疫情的憂慮 。

經詳細考慮後,現決定於15/02/2020 復課,特別防疫措施如下:

1.《 自我隔離14天》仍然生效 。
如果學生、家長或工作人員從中國 、香港 、澳門 、台灣 、日本 、 南韓 、馬來西亞 、星加坡及泰國返回英國14天內,請勿返回中文學校 。
如有發燒 、咳嗽或呼吸困難的症狀,應立即求診家庭醫生或查詢111,切勿回校 。

2. 為減低傳染的風險,我們會禁止非工作人員進入學校接待處以內範圍。請各位準時帶子女到校, 並請注意接送地點改為JCC接待處。遲到學生會由我校工作人員陪同上課室 。

3. 學校會供應防疫消毒搓手液,請學生遵照工作人員指示 。

4. 我們建議學生自備一包紙巾作為自用 。

5. 如你的子女在校身體不適,學校會依照慣例立即通知你 。學校亦設備指定隔離課室,以備所需 。

6. 我們會鼓勵學生注意個人衛生,並會在課堂上加以提醒。請參閱以下防疫資訊:

7. 由於8/2/20學校停課,家長日被迫取消,敬請見諒。你子女的老師已經用電郵發送給你成績表,並且會另行與你聯絡以討論貴子女的成績 。

8. 隨著情況不斷發展,我們謹請你向校長提供最新的電郵地址,並留意學校網站的最新消息。http://birminghamchineseschool.org/wp/
學校聯絡家長是以電郵為準,但老師也可以根據需要而使用其他方式與家長聯絡 。


伯明翰中文學校 校董會主席
新型冠状病毒 紧急通告 9/2/2020


本校校董会对新型冠状病毒疫情作出风险评估及与教师商讨後,现增设以下特别防疫措施,以保障学生健康安全,并维持课程进度 。同时亦希望能舒缓各家长对疫情的忧虑 。

经详细考虑後,现决定於15/02/2020 复课,特别防疫措施如下:

1.《 自我隔离14天》仍然生效 。
如果学生、家长或工作人员从中国 、香港 、澳门 、台湾 、日本 、 南韩 、马来西亚 、星加坡及泰国返回英国14天内,请勿返回中文学校 。
如有发烧 、咳嗽或呼吸困难的症状,应立即求诊家庭医生或查询111,切勿回校 。

2. 为减低传染的风险,我们会禁止非工作人员进入学校接待处以内範围。请各位準时带子女到校, 并请注意接送地点改为JCC接待处。迟到学生会由我校工作人员陪同上课室 。

3. 学校会供应防疫消毒搓手液,请学生遵照工作人员指示 。

4. 我们建议学生自备一包纸巾作为自用 。

5. 如你的子女在校身体不适,学校会依照惯例立即通知你 。学校亦设备指定隔离课室,以备所需 。

6. 我们会鼓励学生注意个人卫生,并会在课堂上加以提醒。请参阅以下防疫资讯:

7. 由於8/2/20学校停课,家长日被迫取消,敬请见谅。你子女的老师已经用电邮发送给你成绩表,并且会另行与你联络以讨论贵子女的成绩 。

8. 随著情况不断发展,我们谨请你向校长提供最新的电邮地址,并留意学校网站的最新消息。http://birminghamchineseschool.org/wp/
学校联络家长是以电邮为準,但老师也可以根据需要而使用其他方式与家长联络 。


伯明翰中文学校 校董会主席