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緊急通知 Emergency Notice -school closure


鑒於這週三在Joseph Chamberlain College (JCC) 發生的突發性事件,JCC宣佈暫停開放,直至學期中段放假結束為止。伯明翰中文學校今週六停課一日 (2 月16 日),學校將於3月2日復課。同時家長日也延遲至3月2日,您與老師已約定的會面時間維持不變。


鉴于这周三在Joseph Chamberlain College (JCC) 发生的突发性事件,JCC 宣布暂停开放,直至学期中段放假结束为止。伯明翰中文学校这周六将临时停课一天(2月16号)。学校将于3月2日恢复课程。同时家长日也延迟至3月2号,您与老师已约定的会面时间维持不变。


Emergency School Closure Notice

Dear parents/carers,

Due to a serious incident that happened at Joseph Chamberlain College (JCC) on Wednesday, the College announced that it will remain closed until the end of half term holiday. The Birmingham Chinese School will also close this Saturday (16/02/19). The school will open again on the 2nd of March. Please note that parents day will be moved to the 02/03/19 and the appointment time with your child’s class teacher will remain unchanged.

Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused. Thanks for your cooperation.

Birmingham Chinese School